Our primary goal is to make this website the best resource about the BDM available in any language, anywhere. But all the information and resources on the planet are no good to anyone if people can't find them. The easiest way to get the word out about this site is for others with websites to place a link to us, using the banners or buttons provided below. If you like this site or find it helpful, please link to it, and recommend it to your friends and colleagues. Thank you!


For those of you who don't usually work on websites, here's a quick guide to linking.

First, you will want to save the link banner or button that you'd like to use to your own computer. If you simply link to the graphic while it is hosted on this server, it will not show up on your website. You will get an error message instead. (Images on this server cannot be "hotlinked" from other pages because this would cost us a lot of money to keep up the bandwidth!)

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The correct link for this website is www.bdmhistory.com.