This page is meant to serve as a kind of "master list" with links to businesses that sell items you can use as part of your League of German Girls impression.

If you know of any vendor who is selling reproduction BDM items, as well as reproduction items that can be worn with the uniform such as shoes, stockings, trachten sweaters, etc., please email the links to the webmaster. Please note, I will not recommend any right wing websites, no matter how nice the items are they sell.

→ Landser Outfitters
The fine folks at Landser reproduced BeVo woven Hitler Youth cloth badges and BDM gau triangles for our group. The gau triangles are for West Westmark, which is the region on the French border in South-West Germany. The cloth Hitler Youth insignia goes onto the jackets, sports shirts, and lots of other clothing items.

→ WepHaus
Scroll through the long list of items they sell to find the HJ membership pins. They are nice reproductions and at $8, they're also the cheapest I've found.

Militaria Net
They sell Gau triangles for a variety of regions, for both BDM as well as the male HJ. The only catch is that these are embroidered, and not BeVo. If you need a patch for a specific region, this is currently the only way to have it made affordably.

→ Grigsby Militaria
Grigsby Militaria sells lanyards that can be used to make leadership lanyards. Theirs are of the correct diameter, but come in a limited amount of colors. They do carry red-and-white lanyards and green-and-white lanyards, but you may want to inquire regarding other colors. Contact them to order by length.

→ 1944 Militaria
1944 Militaria sell great reproductions of German World War II uniforms, and while they don't do female uniforms in particular, they have some uniform items you can use. The SS sweat suit sets they sell are absolutely correct for your BDM impression. The top has the half zipper and the bottoms are elastic at waist and ankles. You just have to take the SS insignia off! They also sell sports shoes (start at a men's size 8) and shorts, but I wasn't 100% happy with material and cut of the shorts.

→ Hessen Antique
While they don't have photos of all their items up, Hessen Antique does carry a lot of different and interesting things that you can use for your impression: blue-and-white checkered bed linens, reproduction flashlights, and loads of different styles of repro backpacks and Tornister.

→ At The Front
At The Front are a major living history uniform and equipment suppliers and they put out quality reproductions. While it's mostly military stuff, a lot of it can be used for your BDM impression as well: mess tins, grey wool scarves, grey wool gloves, tent poles and pegs, and military grey blankets.

→ Aris Allen Swing Dance Shoes
As the title implies, this company sells shoes for swing dancing, including some very nice reproductions of 1930s and 1940s ladies Oxfords that could be worn for the BDM impression. They sell Oxfords in suede, black and nude colors, as well as in the 1940's style mesh (comes in white).

→ The Fitted Shoe
This company out of Iowa produces nurses' shoes, but the particular piece of footwear you will want to look for is the "Coquette" style, which are ladies Oxfords that are correct for your impression. And best of all, they come in any size you might need! The only change you should have made to these is to have the modern soles replaced with stitched-on leather ones by your local cobbler or shoe store.

→ What Price Glory
What Price Glory mainly sells Allied uniforms for World War II re-enacting but... they sell reproduction WAC (Women's Army Corps) shoes that are relatively affordable. They are brown, but if you use leather dye and dye them black, you could also use them for your BDM impression. They have a sale on some that were made in the "wrong color leather", so you can get them cheap and the color won't matter since you'll dye them anyway!

→ Touch of Europe
As the name implies, Touch of Europe sells European things - particularly European linens, but you have to keep checking back to the site since they update their stock frequently. Some of the items they carry often are night gowns, undergarments, aprons, handkerchiefs, and tablecloths. I personally highly recommend them - super fast shipping and great prices.

→ Sock Dreams
They sell almost every stocking and sock you could imagine and want, in every size. They have nice thigh-length wool or cotton stockings that will work great for your impression. Stockings should be grey or brown in color to be correct, and in the "thigh high" section the styles that look good are the Ribbed M Stockings, M40s, Wool M40s, and Super Ms Wool.

→ The Vermont Country Store
Sells a lot of period correct items such as elastic-free cotton ankle socks, cotton slips and period correct underwear, hair rats, handkerchiefs, and loads of other goodies. This site also has nice shave kits for men, and make sure you check the "Brands from the Past" section.

→ The Eyeglasses Warehouse
The Eyeglass Warehouse sells vintage eyeglasses for living historians and re-enactors, including frames correct for the 1930s and 1940s and military issue eyeglasses of several different time periods. Email them for pricing and availability.