As the title suggests, this page serves a photo album showing examples of female re-enactors representing members of the BDM at living history events.

I am including this page for several reasons: I want people to know there are others doing this impression and that it is an alternative to the more commonly-done DRK or Helferin impressions. I also want vendors to see that there is demand, and quite a big of it, for reproduction uniforms, insignia, and equipment for this impression.

Special thanks to: Stuart Gould, Andy Colburn, Crystal Doin, Effie, the Kragowitz family (daughters Amy and Jemma), and Hilda, for use of their photographs!

The photos featured here are of girls and women doing the BDM impression. Because these photos are meant to show people that re-enactment of BDM members is getting started and that there's an interest in it, I will include any photo of girls in BDM kit that are contributed to the site.

However, visitors should note that inclusion of photos on this website does not necessarily mean that the impression is done well, or that the kit is authentic looking. These photos are simply here to say, "See, we're getting BDM re-enacting started!" Hopefully over the years, they will say, "Look how far we've come in terms of authenticity and availability!"